Top 7 Best DSLR Audio Recorder

Relying solely on DLSR camera is not yet ample or satisfied that makes you feel impressed once shooting video on the DSLR camera. In term of video quality, it is superior that every professional accepts, yet it is so poor and needed improvement regard of sound quality. Thus you may need help from some accessories that are qualified and compatible with your DSLR camera. To make ease for you, we would like to DSLR’s companion called DSLR audio recorder that comes with set or bundle to enhance your video’s sound quality into superior one that you will be genuinely impressed. And, you will take it along with your DSLR camera whenever you tend to shoot video with no doubt.

That leads us to do some reviews some newly released DSLR audio recorders that are certainly best companions for every powerful DSLR camera that you don’t have to worry about compatibility at all. Besides, some come with bundles which include every needed equipment for you to use with no barrier. In case being curious, you can find out more details of those recommended and must-have DLSR audio recorders below during your spare-time with pleasure.

1. Tascam DR-60DmkII 4-Channel Portable Recorder Bundle

This bundle has all you needed to enhance sound quality once shooting your handy and functional DSLR camera.  Besides, it provides cleaning kit to guarantee long term use as well. In term of audio recorder, it has 4 channels to ensure your convenient use, and they are ample for convenient use all the time. More importantly, it is capable of recording 24bit audio which is simply called Hi-Res audio, and this feature is also impressive and awesome. Plus, it still has other useful accessories that you will be astonished.

1. Top 7 Best DSLR Audio Recorder


2. Tascam DR-60DmkII 4-Channel Portable Audio Recorder

If you merely need portable audio recorder with no accessories, this one is absolutely recommended with no second thought. In term of performance, it is incredibly awesome with ability of recording up to 24bit audio quality that is genuinely impressive. More than that, it has four microphone inputs to assure a convenient use that you have ever had, too. To ensure superior quality of audio, it also has low cut filter as well as limiter to get rid of noisy sound effectively. Having this one with your premium DSLR camera, you are set to shoot a superior quality video that you have ever experienced for sure.

2. Top 7 Best DSLR Audio Recorder


3. Saramonic SR-PAX1 Two-Channel Portable Audio Recorder

If you do need only 2 channels portable audio recorder, this one might be the best for you. It is also reliable audio recorder that is the best companion for your DSLR camera all the time. It is capable of producing either mono sound or stereo sound quality that you will be impressed. More than that, its price tag is quite affordable with decent quality that you can purchase with no hesitation. What’s a plus, it provides you 1-year warranty for the sake of you as well. With presence of this one, it is so ample that doesn’t require other accessories besides it and your handy DSLR camera, and then you are set to shoot like a pro with no barrier.

3. Top 7 Best DSLR Audio Recorder


4. Rode Videomic Pro-R+ On-Camera Shotgun Condenser Microphone

Rode Videomic Pro-R+ On-Camera Shotgun Condenser Microphone

You may see presence of this one on most DSLR camera on TV shows and so on and so forth. It is equipped with plug-in power that provides ease in mounting with your DSLR camera. More than that, it has high quality windshield to absorb clear and superior and get rid of unwanted noisy noise effectively. Besides, it comes with other useful accessories for you to use conveniently as well. Having this one will enhance your video’s sound quality that you have ever experienced. Thus it is time to give it a try to prove us wrong.

4. Top 7 Best DSLR Audio Recorder


5. Tascam DR-40 4-Track Handheld Digital Audio Recorder Bundle

This is another recommended audio recorder of Tascam, and it might be your best choice as well. It includes every handy accessory that you may need or need the most, so that all you need to do is to shoot video like a pro that you have never imagined. In term of setup, it has shock mount that provides ease in equipping with DSLR camera with no difficulty at all. In term of price tag, it is quite affordable than those recommended two above of the same manufacturer. Owning this bundle will make you feel sufficient.

5. Top 7 Best DSLR Audio Recorder


6. Zoom H4nPro Four-Channel Handy Audio Recorder

This bundle or kit is somehow considerable, for it has all you need to shoot like a pro like others in the list, and its price tag is so competitive with others, too. Its audio recorder is easy to mount with most DSLR cameras that are available on the market. More than that, it has micro SD card, cleaning cloth, tripod and other useful stuffs to serve with no disappointment. Carrying the kit along whenever you shoot video on DSLR camera, you will realize how convenient and use it is. Thus let’s find out, shall we?

6. Top 7 Best DSLR Audio Recorder


7. Movo Audio Recorder Kit

Having this kit will enhance your shooting experience for sure, particularly in shooting video by using your hand DSLR camera. The kit includes everything you need namely transmitter, receiver, and other stuffs to ensure you superior sound quality that will make you astonished once listening to. Like other kits, its audio recorder can be mounted with DSLR camera easily with no difficulty, we assured you. Using this one lets you adjust either mono sound quality or stereo sound quality as you prefer without any concern at all. Thus it is time to be its owner straight away.

7. Top 7 Best DSLR Audio Recorder


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